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Welcome to Buddhified.

This is where you learn to write R.I.C.H. content that informs, inspires, empowers your readers.

This is where you practice abundance marketing to build your online ecosystem based on morale, trust and kinship.

Wave goodbye to your marketing blocks and analysis paralysis.

You're here for one reason:
To build an all-around nourishing business.
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Hi there! I'm Nicole.

DELIGHTED to e-meet you!

Call me the abundance business coach up your sleeve.

I'm the muse in the wings helping you to step into the light.

My purpose:
Champion equal rights, etiquette and ethics in business.

My calling:
I teach R.I.C.H. marketing and abundance business strategies to help you build an all-around nourishing business.

Together, we'll create the change we want to see in the world.

The Buddhified Business Circle

Remember when it was so much fun to belong to a club?
Let's bring back that feeling of belonging, connection and kinship, paired with goal getting toward a wholehearted brand that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

  • This is where you take your business from surviving to SUSTAINABLE.
  • This is where you get cosy masterMINDing your dream into reality.
  • This is where you learn to wholeheartedly THRIVE on competence, confidence and community.

Welcome to The Buddhified Business Circle.