Alignment & Abundance = Good Business

Are you ready to masterMIND your dream business into a wholehearted brand?

Welcome to Buddhified.

This is where you learn to write R.I.C.H. content that informs, inspires, empowers your readers.

This is where you practice abundance marketing and build your online ecosystem based on morale, trust and kinship.

This is where sustainable strategies take you from survival mode to a business that loves you, loves your clients, loves the planet.

Say GOODBYE to what's not perfectly aligned for you and become a magnet for what is.

Nice to e-meet you! I'm Nicole.

Taco Tuesday champion.
Passionate book collector.
Magicing caffeine into business blooming words since 2008.

I see entrepreneurship as a path to universal equality, free education, and environmental protection.

For me, FOMO and scarcity tactics are the past of business as usual.
There's a healthy, sustainable path to business bliss.

I'm living proof:
Operating from a place of abundance and mindfulness superpowers your reach and reputation and attracts your dream clients.

And I help you do the same.

Shed your invisibility cloak.

Marketing as a force for good sparks MAGIC.
Serving your dream clients creates a WIN-WIN.
Taking your business from surviving to sustainable, that's where I come in.