The Buddhified Library by Nicole König
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The Buddhified Library

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Podcast Resources
MAR 17, 2020: Mindful Milestones
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FEB 3, 2020: Mindful Instagramming Guide
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FEB 24, 2020: Clarity Questionnaire
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Wordflow Worksheets
Content versus Copy: What's the Difference?
135 KB
Content Planning Worksheets
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Monthly Content Planner
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Mindful Finances
A4_Monthly Sales Tracker.pdf
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A4_Promotions Tracker.pdf
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A4_Advertising Tracker.pdf
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A4_Business Expense Tracker.pdf
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A4_Annual Income Tracker.pdf
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Mindful Supply & Demand
A4_Order Form.pdf
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A4_Product Cost and Profit Worksheet.pdf
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A4_Supply Inventory.pdf
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A4_New Product Planner.pdf
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A4_New Service Brainstorming Template.pdf
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A4_Product Inventory.pdf
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