The Buddhified Business Circle by Nicole König

You're serving. You're selling. You're surviving on the fruit of your labor.

But, your inner voice chimes in.

You started a business because you wanted more than a semi-reliable paycheck.
You want to live your happiest life.
You want to do things differently.
You want to make a difference.

You're tired of FOMO and scarcity tactics, and you hate associating your business with them.
You struggle consistently publishing content.
You don't want to talk your prospects into buying.
You want to sell them what they need.

You work all day every day all by your lonesome.
You want vision, direction, milestones.
You want joy, laughter, camaraderie.
You want to work smarter, more sustainable, create more impact.

You're ready to say goodbye to what's not perfectly aligned for you, and become a magnet for what is.

You're ready to get off your tippy toes and create footprints of positive change.

Take a deep breath.

One more.

Say YES to building a business that nourishes your body, your soul, and the lives you touch.

Say YES to showing up whole and claiming your space, unapologetically.

Say YES to welcoming dream clients with marketing that feels GOOD.

You're ready to breathe life into your business dream.
And you have questions, so many questions.
How do you run and grow a business without loosing yourself in the daily grind?

Where's the sweet spot between abundance marketing and a healthy bottom line?

How do you serve and sell with grace - sans McSleezeball's "Best of Marketing Tactics"?

That's where I come in.

I help you market and sell from a place of abundance.

I help you optimize and automagic your office time for more YOU time.

I help you implement sustainable strategies so you can do well and do good.

And I brought friends.

It takes a village.
Or a circle of like minded sisters ready to embrace, support, and celebrate each other.

This is your time to thrive.

This is your space to evolve.

This is where you take your business from surviving to sustainable to changing the world.


A business that loves you back: Learn to bring your game plans to fruition and implement sustainable strategies for less office time, more YOU time.


MasterMINDing your business means taking care of YOU. Monthly come-as-you-are classes will help you make space for joy and abundance.


The ride-or-die kind.
This is where trust and kinship bear the fruit of referral, accountability, and lifelong friendships.

The Buddhified Business Circle

When I found my entrepreneur's legs and began aligning my business with my values and purpose, what I dreaded most was doing it alone.
I longed for a safe space to learn, grow, and thrive alongside fellow female changemakers.

So I built one.

The Buddhified Business Circle will give you the tools and training to implement abundance marketing, sustainable strategies, and mindful confidence boosters.

Most importantly, though, you'll find the kind of kinship and community that makes for lifelong connection.

Kick off your shoes and find your lounger:
Welcoming 20 Founding Members now!

Join me inside the Buddhified Business Circle.

Every Week:

We meet for a LIVE circle with alternating topics helping you masterMIND your business.
  1. Craft Circle
    Core CEO skills & sustainable strategies to help you grow your business with confidence and grace.
  2. Content Circle
    Your abundance marketing plan:
    Inspiration & Implantation to help you attract, wow, and win your dream clients.
  3. Care Circle
    Guided practices on mindset & mindfulness
    led by best in class guest coaches.
  4. Community Circle
    Think book club meets sisterhood:
    Wholehearted support to help you say YES to yourself & your dream business.

Every Month:

  • We check off one business milestone that gets us closer to our big dream.
  • We batch and plan nurturing marketing content.
  • We meditate, celebrate, and thrive together.

Every Quarter:

  • We meet for 2 hours of alignment and accountability.
  • We partner up with a fellow Circle Sister for deep connection.
  • We set up our 90-day game plan.

And once a Year:

  • We meet for 3 days of learning, meditating and reJOYcing.
  • We help each other dream bigger and manifest milestones.
  • We set up our very own game plan we can follow step by step, month by month.
Attendance to the online summit and its recordings is included in your membership.

Your Lesson Plan: 1 hour a week

Plus quarterly goal getting sessions, an annual online retreat, and an at-your-fingertips, open-arms, come-as-you-are community whenever you need it,
a safe space to reground, regroup, recenter.

Your ROI: An all-around nourishing business

Marketing from a place of abundance.

Attracting happy buyers.

Delighting them into your very own marketing force.

Building your online presence as an ecosystem beyond vanity numbers, a place that nurtures both your audience and your business.

Telling your message, mission and value from the mountains.

Showing up WHOLE for your purpose and your buyers.

Recentering into your area of business BLISS.

Less office time. More YOU time.

A business that you love, that your clients love, that loves you back.

A business that does good and serves a purpose beyond profit.

My promise to you:

Lifting as you rise.

  • 1 Hour a Week:
    Live video coaching & step-by-step guidance help you take action for yourself.
  • Accountability:
    A guided program helps you form deep one-on-one connections across industries.
  • Recordings:
    All live circles & summit sessions live inside your Circle Hub, yours to download and devour at your own pace.
The work is yours.
The choice is yours.
This is your space to go all-in on yourself.
Claim your Space in the Circle

Sarah Riehle

Expert for inclusive communication.

If you feel your business somehow got stuck and or you do not know where to start, contact 
Nicole. Taking your mind cuffs (I promise you have them without knowing it) off, she unites great sincere marketing advice, a warm heart, lots of fun during work and many other aspects in one person.
So happy about having decided to invest in myself and work with her.
Thank you, Nicole!

Silvy Codde

Dutch Translator & Copywriter for Coaches

Nicole, you've really gone above and beyond. 🙏 So inspiring and motivating. A big shout-out to you for over-delivering and genuinely caring about your students.
I'm getting so much out of this course, not only the content, but also the reassurance and suggestions of the group. It's really heart-warming to be part of such a wonderful community.
I'm honing my skills, which was the big goal for me.

Jo Naughton

Mindset Coach

Nicole has a vibrancy, openness and warmth that I felt the moment we first talked.
Couple this with the extensive business and development knowledge she holds and there's no wonder she had such an impact on me!
Nicole helped me to find clarity and direction in my business.
I came away from our time together excited to jump into action.
I can't thank her enough.

Jeannie Arunimā Smith

Founder of Golden Life Healing

What do caring warmth, crystal clear business savvy, and ultra-skilled content development have in common?
Nicole König!

Nicole’s keen insight, genuine humility, and deeply personable teaching allowed me to feel welcome in the safe learning space that she creates.

I was able to redefine and streamline my work, thereby increasing the quality and value I bring to my clients. 

Thank you so much Nicole!
I’m grateful I found you, even though we are halfway across the world!

Jump right in, the water is perfect!

Founding Member: €350/year

Join as one of the first 20 circle members and enjoy these extras:
  • reduced annual rate (for the lifetime of your membership)
  • special snail mail founders' welcome package
  • complimentary 1:1 coaching session with yours truly (value: €250)
Count me in!

Monthly Member: €65/month

Ready to dip your toes in and see where the current takes you?
Girl after my own heart!
Your lounger awaits.
Enjoy all the treats, training, and transformation from day one of your membership, plus a snail mail welcome package with love from me to you.
This is me!

Annual Member: €650/year

Love that bit of extra pampering?
I got you:
  • 12 months for the price of 10
  • snail mail welcome package with love from me to you
  • complimentary 1:1 coaching session with yours truly (value: €250)