Investing in yourself and your business shouldn't be so scary. But it is, isn't it. Let's shoo the trolls of hesitation back under the the bridge: Read from those who went before you.

Anna Fin: Translator & Writer

Daniela Helguera: Translator

I had the privilege to have my website audited by the sharp eye and attentive ears of Nicole. 10 years into freelancing and happily working with a bunch of nice clients, I'm now in the process of moving further with my specialization, but I like my page ─and brand─ as it is! So my main roadblock was that I needed a change without changing my voice, if that's possible. Nicole listened to me very carefully and gave me such valuable insight, with practical, accurate and clear advice that will improve my website without changing my brand voice.
She keeps amazing me, she keeps generating ideas, and shares them with such a generous energy that you leave the sessions very eager and determined to take action.
Everyone should have a Nicole in their life, I recommend her wholeheartedly. 
Daniela Helguera

Nicole Dauz: Founder Selfcare4Caregivers & Ausome Ottawa

Jo Naughton: Mindset Coach

Nicole has a vibrancy, openness and warmth that I felt the moment we first talked. Couple this with the extensive business and development knowledge she holds and there's no wonder our session had such an impact on me!
Nicole helped me to find clarity and direction in my business.
I came away from our time together excited to jump into action.
I can't thank her enough.
Jo Naughton

Lin Jurutka: Personal Development Coach

I don't even know where to start telling you what I love most about Nicole's R.I.C.H. Content School.
It's full of wonderful writing resources, which I love diving into.
The modules are set up in a way that I can just pick and go for what I need right now whether I'm working on my website or on social media.

Nicole has obviously poured all her passion and wisdom into creating this course and she keeps inviting us back in with really useful additions (the bonus section keeps on growing!). 
What I love most of all is Nicole's approach to all things Marketing.
It's about understanding yourself and your customer and finding that connection.

Instead of creepy sales tactics, you'll practice creating and communicating your value. And that's what makes the R.I.C.H. Content School so special.
It's not just about finding the right words, but defining what you stand for and how to get that across to the right people.
Thank you so much, Nicole, for creating this beautiful treasure trove of content writing gold!

Lin Jurutka

Helen Kuckling: Bilingual Content Creator

It's time to say a whole-hearted thank you to lovely Nicole. She has accompanied and guided me throughout the first half of 2020, giving me gentle and subtle nudges as to clarify whom I want to serve as a translator and wordsmith, which values are leading my way as I do so and on how to achieve my goals strategically. Nicole is my go-to source when I need a dose of extremely valuable advice and tips both content- and marketing-wise.
Nicole has a beautiful soul and her mission as a coach is to help other entrepreneurs, like me, to reach their goals. Nicole has a great professional and at the same time warm approach to imparting knowledge and I can highly recommend her.
Helen Kuckling

Jeannie Arunimā Smith: Golden Life Healing

What do caring warmth, crystal clear business savvy, and ultra-skilled content development have in common?
Nicole König!

Nicole’s keen insight, genuine humility, and deeply personable teaching allowed me, even as a beginner to content writing,  to feel welcome in the safe learning space that she creates.

In coaching, Nicole’s passion, experience, and excellent insight gave me actionable exercises to finally narrow my niche.

The “30,000 foot view” she shared of my business options lifted me to a much broader perspective and clarified my path forward when I had been deeply stuck. 

After our first coaching session, I was able to redefine and streamline my work, thereby increasing the quality and value I bring to my clients. 

Thank you so much Nicole!
I’m grateful I found you, even though we are halfway across the world!
Jeannie Arunimā Smith
This was one of the most insightful, helpful business conversations I’ve had in a very long time. So easy to talk to and so genuinely invested in helping out – asking all the right questions, catching the smallest detail, throwing around ideas off the bat…you’ll really get a breakthrough experience. A+!
Nick Diakanastasis | The Introvert Mentor
Nicole, you've really gone above and beyond. 🙏 So inspiring and motivating. A big shout-out to you for over-delivering and genuinely caring about your students.
I'm getting so much out of this course, not only the content, but also the reassurance and suggestions of the group. It's really heart-warming to be part of such a wonderful community.
I'm honing my writing skills, which was the big goal for me.
Silvy Codde | Copywriter
This Coffee Hour Webinar was amazing - and worth waking up at 6:45 am to watch it! Very interesting insights that certainly got me thinking about how can I take my own business further! Experience and advice and helping fellow wordsmiths to find their own way into the business. I love the way you raise the bar for ourselves and the profession. Thank you so much! 
Ana Ribeiro Olsen | Translator
If you feel your business somehow got stuck and or you do not know where to start, contact 
Nicole König. Taking your mindcuffs (I promise you have them without knowing it,) off, she unites great sincere marketing advice, a warm heart, lots of fun during work and many other aspects in one person. So happy about having decided to be her coachee. Thank you, Nicole!
Sarah Riehle
Nicole opened my eyes to the kind of marketing that makes you feel good about it and about your business, and introduced me to a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Consulting her really seems like talking to a good friend who happens to be an expert in the field.
Ewa Zielińska
If you need someone who can understand YOU and, most importantly, YOUR BUSINESS to the core, and who is also capable of makes you enjoy marketing your brand (because, honestly, sometimes, it can be daunting), then Nicole is the right person to work with.
She's full of energy and passion, and she's always very helpful, very clear and very supportive.
Search no more, she is THE ONE!
Mara Cioffi
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