1-on-1 Coaching

What IS transformational business coaching?

I'm your accountability partner,
your sounding board,
the strategist up your sleeve.

Together, we'll define your steps, your milestones, your big goals.

Call me your muse.
Your biggest cheerleader.
The voice inside your head reminding you to DREAM BIGGER and take inspired action.

Let's lay the rock-solid foundation for your all-around nurturing brand.
Overwhelm-free, guaranteed!

Make your purpose a priority. I certainly will.

We'll talk steady workflow.
We'll talk attracting your dream clients.
We'll talk pruning your client list, streamlining your processes, masterMINDING your business A to Z.
  • 12 one-hour sessions
    Just you, me, and my giant mug of Earl Grey, inside my encrypted Zoom room.
  • Per your request, I'm happy to record our sessions for you.
  • No need to get camera-ready.
    Come as you are!
  • Your development board where we collect your milestones, wins, and resources to help you take action.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • A range of bespoke activities and strategies to help you take your business from surviving to sustainable.

Jo Naughton

Writer & Mindset Coach

Nicole has a vibrancy, openness and warmth that I felt the moment we first talked. Couple this with the extensive business and development knowledge she holds and there's no wonder she had such an impact on me!
Nicole helped me to find clarity and direction in my business.
I came away from our time together excited to jump into action.
I can't thank her enough.

Mara Cioffi

Italian Literary Translator

If you need someone who can understand YOU and, most importantly, YOUR BUSINESS to the core, and who is also capable of helping you enjoy marketing your brand (because, honestly, sometimes, it can be taxing), then Nicole is the right person to work with.
She's full of energy and passion, and she's always very helpful, very clear and very supportive.
Search no more, she is THE ONE!

Sarah Riehle

German Translator
Inclusive Language Expert

If you feel your business somehow got stuck and or you do not know where to start, contact 
Nicole König. Taking your mind cuffs (I promise you have them without knowing it,) off, she unites great sincere marketing advice, a warm heart, lots of fun during work and many other aspects in one person. So happy about having decided to be her coachee. Thank you for our cooperation Nicole, would not want to miss it!

Anna Fin: Translator & Writer

Your first session is on me.

Every year, I open up just a handful of spaces for a lucky few to work with me one-on-one.

To give you the maximum value, let's make sure that we're a great fit.

I coach and mentor fellow freelancers who are fully dedicated to masterMINDing their dream business into an all-around nurturing brand.
If you're ready to do the work it takes to create sustainable growth and a purpose beyond profit, book your complimentary consultation.
Click here for my booking schedule!