The Buddhified Business Circle

Circle Sisters: Lift and Rise Section
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Circle Recordings
Testimonials - Marketing in Context APR 19
57 mins
Testimonials - Method APR 12
52 mins
Strategic Content MAR 29
36 mins
Self-Worth & Net-Worth ft Moira Monney (MAR 15)
(1h 23m 43s)
Sustainable Pricing Structures (MAR 8)
55 mins
Money Mindset Shifts (MAR 1)
44 mins
About Page 101 (Feb 22)
(1h 05m 50s)
Client List 101 (Feb 15)
20 mins
Ask me Anything (Feb 08)
39 mins
Your Work Week in Colors (Jan 25)
42 mins
Manifesting Overflow (Jan 18)
60 mins
90-Day Gameplan Q1-21 (Jan 11)
47 mins
10-year dream to monthly milestone
(1h 12m 23s)
The 30000-foot View: Your Business in Context
(1h 04m 54s)
Read and Lead
58 mins
Goal Getting Check-in & Read and Lead
58 mins
Mindful Marketing: 1st steps on social media
46 mins
Self Care: Mini Vacation, ft Jeannie Dyke
53 mins
Steps to Selfhealing, ft. Jo Naughton
(1h 11m 59s)
Circle Visual Guides
The 30000-foot View
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Bonus Resources
"Client List 101" Spreadsheet Template
365 Day Content Calendar
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Book Review Mind Map
23.8 KB
21 02 wallpaper.png
1.6 MB
Be YOU tiful wallpaper
6.02 MB
i am worthy wallpaper
1.77 MB
worth plus tax desktop
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worth plus tax phone
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Monthly Money Manager [spreadsheet template]
Bonus Resources: Trello
Trello Board Templates
Content Planning 101
54 mins
Masterclass - How To Build a Content Writing Habit
(1h 32m 31s)
R.I.C.H. Content on Social Media
55 mins
Content Systems: Trello Content Library to IFTTT
(1h 10m 55s)
Trello Editorial Planner and Content Strategy
(1h 20m 30s)
How to batch and release your monthly content
(1h 07m 47s)