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Yay, you’re in! 🎉

Happy dance and WELCOME inside the
Mindful Marketing Challenge.

What’s awaiting you?

Nothing short of business MAGIC:
The next 5 days will see you dive deep into locating, understanding, and learning to serve your audience.

Every day, an email holding a lesson and a task will magically appear in your inbox (hey, can YOU explain how it works that my thoughts on paper travel all across the globe until your eyes see them? Told you, it’s magic!).

Combined, these 5 assignments will support your dig for mindful marketing gold.

The goal of this challenge:
Working through the assignments, you'll LITERALLY kick butt (for your reach and rapport) and take names (of the people who NEED you).

Even better, you’ll have the tools to build on your momentum, repeat the steps, grow your reputation (aka your brand).

Sound fantastic?

Well, love, it’s real.

And the best part: We're in this together.

Inside my Mindful Marketing Facebook group, you’ll be able to swap ideas with other challengers.

And I’ll be there to answer your questions and guide your step from marketing overwhelm to marketing flow.

Every challenge day has its own guide-post, aimed at feeding the flame and inspiring you to take action for yourself.

Did you know?

Only a fraction of authors and female creatives believe in their capabilities to achieve financial freedom and create a business and life of abundance.


In yourself.

In your purpose.

In all the ways you'll create positive change.

You've got what it takes.

I’ll show you the strategies, tried and tested.

The exponential growth in joy and profit for your business depends on you doing the work, sparking change for yourself.

Go all-in on your purpose. The effect will be atomic.

Let me fan the flames of your “What If”.
Let me watch you kindle them into a wildfire.
Let me celebrate with you your wins.

Because, love:
The thought of You living your purpose, You becoming who You’re meant to be, making the difference in the world You were born to make, has me grinning like a Cheshire cat writing this.

1st step: Join the Facebook group now (⬅️ click here) and get to know your classmates.

It's my honor and joy to guide you along your path to an all-around nourishing business.

May the space between where you are and where you want to be inspire you.

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