Introduction or: Why you should NOT skip the First Steps Module.

I know!
Here you are, reading this sermon, when you're chomping at the bit to turn your back office into a well-oiled machine that leaves you with less hustle time, more YOU time!

First Steps will help you get THE MOST out of this course.

Even if all you know about Trello is that it rhymes with Hello: First Steps will get you from novice to Trello-know-it-ALL in no time.

To keep the tech side of things nice and tidy, the tutorials inside this course come in two levels:

If you're starting out, access the HELLO tutorials.
They'll introduce you to Trello's magic and will have you implement hands-on workflows NOW.

When you're more familiar with Trello, the ADVANCED tutorials will unlock additional superpowers inside your boards.

Click on the next chapter to dive into Trello First Steps.

Trello for Wordsmiths

Does overwhelm stalk you like the creepiest of silent biz partners?

Are you struggling with tactical action-taking, words that never make it onto the screen, inspiration you never implement?

  • Coming up with R.I.C.H. content
  • Marketing yourself consistently
  • Optimizing your word- and workflows
Wondering how to do it ALL?

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