Done-for-you Email Templates by Nicole König

Done-for-you Email Templates

Emails -  the cherry on top of your "oh my gosh I've got so much to do" cake.
Or - not.

I got you.
In fact, I wrote up a storm so you can
  1. Pitch with panache.
  2. Win proposals.
  3. Raise rates.
  4. Ask for referrals.
  5. Handle late-payers.
  6. Optimize project management.
  7. Gracefully bow out from unwanted projects.
  8. And much more!
with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Add to that
  • Insights into business etiquette for every scenario
  • Real-life stories on how to write tire-kickers and bottom payers into dream clients
  • alternative email versions for straight shooting and charmed wooing

Optimize your workflow AND make your readers fall in love with you.

Read from Sarah:

I was quite surprised when I opened the download folder: the scripts contain a lot of stuff you don't normally talk about among colleagues and go much deeper than expected. The templates hit the business etiquette tone while working towards great service and win-win situations - and upping your processes and price step by step. We can ALL use these in our freelance day to day. Obviously, a lot of work went into this collection and I LOVE the added Biz Tips!
Sarah Thonnet, Translator

What's Included in my download?

  • 45 biz email templates for everyday business.
  • 15 bonus templates for those times when you're lost for words: friends asking for freebies, agencies dictating your prices, clients ghosting you.
  • 42 Biz Tip boxes with additional resources and vital information.

What if I need more/other email templates?

You let me know!
The Biz Script Collection 2.Your lifetime access to my email scripts includes updates.
Send me your wish list and see it come true!

How do I get int ouch with you?

mailto:nicole@buddhified.commailto:nicole@buddhified.comAll it takes is 1 email to
or 1 click right here.

Read from Alex

I was astounded at the insights that are "just" a bonus but really work like a full-blown training.
The templates themselves are FAN.TAS.TIC. Elegant, drama-free, respectful yet on-point: I saved them all as templated keywords inside my Gmail and just having them stored there makes me feel confident!
THANK YOU, Nicole.
Alex Forster, Writer

Email WordFlow Templates

Optimize your wordflow & workflow.