Braving Up and Niching Down
April 21, 2020
Niching down.
Pretty much the mother lode of business building.

New podcast AND live coaching session!

For this episode of The Buddhified Business Podcast, my lovely friend Mindset Coach Jo Naughton joins me on air for a candid chat, sharing insights into our own paths, how we fought our inner critic and imposter syndrome -  and how you can, too.

We're here to answer your most-asked questions:

❓❔Why should I niche down?
❓❔What if all I get is crickets?
❓❔What if I'm leaving projects and money on the table?
❓❔What if I fall flat on my face?
❓❔How do I know my idea is good enough, my niche is viable?
❓❔How do I know I'll make it?

If niching down feels like you're in the stand, watching a battle between your inner critic and the Imposter Syndrome Dragon - this episode is for you.

Click HERE to tune in to Part 1!

For all members of The Buddhified Business Network, I've got an extra treat for you:
This Thursday, 3 PM CEST (that's Berlin time), Jo will join me for a Facebook LIVE where we'll answer all your questions on niching down, braving up, stepping into your purpose with grace and panache.
If you haven't yet, click HERE to join the Facebook group and drop your questions in the warmup post!

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