How to think and GROW beyond your horizons.
August 20, 2020
Have you read the current bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees?

It talks about 300 Million years of forest, 300 Thousand years of humanity, and how we can learn wisdom and kindness and community from trees.

The author, Peter Wohlleben, is a German forest ranger whose wife kept pestering him to write down his wisdom.
Presto changeo - his 16th book, Das Geheime Leben der Bäume, became a global bestseller and a manifesto sparking global curiosity for life in our peripheric view, understanding how everything (EVERYTHING!) is connected, and a growing awareness of our role in the big picture.
Right there, a true lesson on GRIT and speaking your truth and growing as you go even when no one (yet!) is paying attention.

Here are the main takeaways from the book and how they inspired me to look further and grow deeper:

  • One is just a tree.

  • Every tree carries this knowledge in every fiber of their being:
    Their life is dedicated to their own survival but devoted to the greater wood.
    To become a forest and reach the transcendence of lasting life means to nurture and nourish a community of trees. Trees have perfected this approach to longevity.
    How can we apply this wisdom to business?
    Are we ready to lift as we climb and think about the good we can achieve as a community, plan our next best business move aligned with the common goals of equality, education for all, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship?
    Explore beyond your horizon:
    Take a look around. Your vendors. Your service professionals. Last but certainly not least your clients and those they refer you to. All the people who make your company of one whole and help you build an all-around nourishing business.

  • Growth is everywhere.

  • Glance at a forest floor and you'll see moss, fallen leaves, broken branches.
    Look closer and you'll realize the seedlings ready to grow into the next generation of wood, changing and evolving the landscape and adding their energy to the living, breathing organism that is a forest.
    When you look at your business, what do you see?
    Caught up in the day-to-day, do you get frustrated by the ideas lying by the wayside, the broken mosaic stones, the roadblocks that forced you to swerve and replan?
    How about:
    Looking at your path and watching with grace as your ideas, your lessons learned, your BIG dreams as find their place, their space, their time to shine?

  • Everything is connected.

  • Springtime. Time to grow.
    Deciduous trees time their flowering so their seeds flood the forest floor.
    Across hundreds of kilometers they hold back for weeks, sometimes years (!), to then provide the perfect backdrop for their genes to mix and flourish.
    We all know there's safety in numbers but this perfect timing also ensures the leftover seeds will have fallen leaves to blanket them through the harsh winter, while the irregular harvest urges deer, boar and squirrels to wander rather than scavenging the same spots every year, giving the seeds a better chance to survive this first stage of new life.
    How would collaboration and community shape your business?
    We talk about your purpose, your passion, your calling.
    We talk about daring to paint your tiny corner of the big picture in exactly the color YOU.
    Let's think deeper. Bigger. Further.
    Connecting. Masterminding. Standing together for good business. Etiquette. Netiquette. But more.
    Standing together for abundance in business. For serving from a place of devotion. For manifesting your very own superpower for a better tomorrow, a business that nourishes your body and soul, a company of one aligned toward a global wave of all things good.

  • You do YOU.

  • Compared to our life cycle, trees are incredibly SLOW.
    It takes weeks to grow a leaf, months to create a seedling, years to grow enough so our eyes realize growth.
    Wohlleben talks about a group of three trees, growing close enough to each other their crowns are intertwined.
    Come fall, one of the trees colors her leaves about two weeks earlier than her sisters and conservatively changes into her winter attire ahead of the other two, who keep their greens and work for calories longer, at greater risk.
    Even though they obviously communicate and literally share common ground, each tree acts according to individual parameters.
    How can we shed our fear to reach beyond our business?
    It takes trust. Trust in your instincts to cover your own needs and feed into the greater good.
    Trust you can lift others while you grow as you go, at your own pace.
    Trust that minding beyond our scope and living your dream are mutually inclusive.
    Let's strive to build a business beyond profit, all the way from seedling to success story.
    Together, we can champion community, advocate awareness, inspire inclusivity, create positive change that is bigger and more lasting than the sum of its parts.

  • Leave room for wonders.

  • Wohlleben shares freely that when he started his journey, he knew "as much about the secret life of trees as a butcher knows about the mind and heart of a pig".
    But he learned. He wondered. And he's still growing deeper into his passion and calling.
    It started with weirdly, moss-covered rocks he came across on his rounds through the wood.
    They turned out to be tree stumps nourishing the next generation of life --- supported by neighboring, living trees.
    Learning. Understanding. Caring.
    Sounds like woo-woo, especially when you're caught up in the everyday nitty-gritty of building a sustainable business.
    I learned that having more questions than answers is AWESOME because it encourages you to wonder beyond the well-trodden path.
    Three questions to get started:
  1. How could your business lift others while you're rising?
  2. Clad your wildest dreams in colors: What else could come true?
  3. What's the next mosaic pebble towards YOUR all-around nourishing business?

At the end of this article, here's my call to action for YOU.

Share this article with someone to remind them that you SEE them, GET them, CHERISH them.
Bonus: Give them a shoutout in the comments. Drop their link and let's spread the love!
Also, I'd love to learn from YOU. Please share your thoughts and feedback with me.

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Beautiful metaphors and lessons from nature. This article gives me food for thought. Love the language too, especially the line mentioning that the trees are "...devoted to the greater wood!"

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