Alliterations, Anyone?

As a German-American wordsmith, I translate and champion businesses and initiatives spanning the big E-topics: Environmental protection,  Equality, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Empowerment.

To advocate awareness, abundance, and an awakened way for female emp[owe]resses to grow all-around nourishing businesses, I started
The Buddhified Podcast,
where cool guests and I talk about the big picture and the nitty gritty of mindfulness, mindset, and changing the world, one inspired action at a time.

From there grew THIS.

Fellow wordsmiths started reaching out to me with their big dreams, long-term goals, and awe-inspiring stories.

Truth be told, while I helped them define their next best steps to the tune of an idle spoon in countless mugs of English breakfast tea, I learned as much from them.

This is my happy place:
Helping YOU go all-in on your big, crazy dream so you'll define and conquer the spot where your business brilliance meets bliss.

Let's talk about YOU, though!

What's your story?

How can I help you grow it into a bestseller?

My superpowers are at your service.
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