Cowgirl to Content Cween.

I've been burned out.
I've had a hole in the head (literally.).
I've been broken-hearted.

Proud of burning the midnight oil.
Repelled by FOMO and scarcity.

Until my "There must be another way!" grew into "What if?".

Buddhified was born.

I believe entrepreneurs will change the world.

It's scary.
It's humbling.
It teaches you more about yourself than you set out to learn, ever.

But we have this chance
to champion change:
  • Environmental recovery
  • Equality
  • Education for all

And I'm here to champion you
on your path to doing well by doing good.

Take a stand! Align your business to your values - and live happily ever after.

I learned that building a business can feel exhilarating when your clients share your core values.

I learned that marketing is connected to everything.
And that it can be, MUST be wielded as a tool for good.

I'm here to help you walk away from the hunt for vanity follower numbers, the disinformation for profit business model, the sales copy that rides on pain and shame.

Abundance marketing and sustainable development will change your life.


Go all-in on yourself.

Grow your business dream into a dream business, the ethical, sustainable, mindful way.
If this retired cowgirl, recovering perfectionist, secret hoarder of books and all things turquoise can do it, YOU CAN.
Join me inside the Buddhified Business Circle.