Alliterations, Anyone?

As a German-American wordsmith, I write SEO-content for the big E-topics: Environmental protection,  Equality, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Empowerment.

To advocate awareness, abundance, and an awakened way for female emp[owe]resses to grow all-around nourishing businesses, I started
The Buddhified Podcast,
where extraordinary guests and I talk about the big picture and the nitty gritty of changing the world, one inspired action at a time.

From there grew THIS.

After I crafted her LInkedIn copy and targeted message templates, a fellow B-School alumni asked me to coach her towards more sustainable marketing measures.

I'm thanking her every day.

This is my happy place:
Helping YOU build an all-around nourishing business, step by inspired step, to the tune of an idle spoon in countless mugs of English breakfast tea.

Let's talk about YOU, though!

What's your story?

How can I help you find your wordflow and optimize your office time, for more YOU time?

My superpowers are at your service.
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