The Copywriting Summer School by Nicole König

The Copywriting Summer School

Ready to quit writing overwhelm cold turkey?

Ready to stop worrying about your pitch when all you want to do is make your clients UNDERSTAND?

to the Copywriting Summer School!

NO MORE staring at that blinking cursor, looking for inspiration in your second (let's be honest, your third) cup of coffee.

NO MORE sending out client emails with the nagging sensation that there's a better way to communicate your value.

This Summer, you will

✏️ Hone your skills.

✏️ Evolve your strategy.

✏️ Develop your systems.

Most importantly, you'll learn to communicate the value and benefits your clients are looking for –
and with panache!

Writing for Marketing.

Writing for Clients.

Writing for actual, serious Money.

Less staring-at-your-cursor and stressing-over-your-message time.

More Beach Time.

6 weeks. Bite-sized video lessons. Life-time access.

✔ Writing marketing copy that guides your audience from browsing to buying, and repel the tire kickers, time wasters, and no-payers.
✔ Creating spot-on content for your clients, and have them happily pay you premium.
✔ Building trust and connection with your target audience with ease: No more staring at that blinking cursor.           

✔ Delight your audience in just 3 seconds - sometimes that's all you got!   
✔ Spin content GOLD; for your own marketing and for your client projects.
✔ Take care of client communication SWIFTLY and ditch email overwhelm for good.               

✔ Create a business year of marketing content prompts.
✔ Set up a content library and maximize your content value on a time budget.
✔ Build a self-growing content treasure trove.

Write up a STORM

 -  without breaking a sweat.
Whip up content that hits ALL the sweet spots:
  • clear
  • clever
  • classy
and turning your browsers into buyers.