The Content Summer School

NO MORE agonizing over your website content.

NO MORE staring at that blinking cursor, looking for inspiration in your second (let's be honest, your third) cup of coffee.

NO MORE sending out client emails with the nagging sensation that there's a better way to communicate your value.

This Summer, you will

✏️ Hone your skills.

✏️ Evolve your strategy.

✏️ Dive into your wordflow.

Most importantly, you'll learn to communicate the value and benefits your clients are looking for –
and with panache!

Writing for Marketing.

Writing for Clients.

Writing for actual, serious Money.

Launches on July 15th, 2020

But Nicole, I have some questions:

Will this course teach me how to write my own copy?


I'm overwhelmed and need a step-by-step recipe. I know there's no such thing for writing. Or is there?

There IS!
You'll learn how to clarify your message AND practice a step-by-step approach to communicate an idea clearly, succinctly, and with panache. 

Sounds exciting! But can I make this all work for all things copy?

YES, you can.
You will walk away with step-by-step guides and templates to write your own copy for your website, social media, and email communications.
In addition, you'll learn how to write sales copy, marketing content, and the foolproof framework for off-the-cuff copywriting.

How much time should I schedule for this course?

The course contains a total of 6 hours of video & 3 hours of live editing:
Your chance to get feedback.

All sessions will be recorded and you're free to work through the course content at your own pace.

Will there be recordings for the sessions?

For sure!
All sessions will be recorded for you and stored inside the course curriculum.
Just sign in and get writing!

How long will I have access to the materials?

Your tuition buys you access to this and ALL following years of The Copywriting Summer School, including updates and upgrades to the material.

Schedule 2020

The Content Summer School 2020 runs live from July 15 through August 26, with lifetime access to all modules.
Week 1: The Copywriting Formula
Week 2: Your About Page
Week 3: SEO 
Week 4: Your Brand Voice
Week 5: Writing for Clients
Week 6: Writing for Social Media
Week 7: Editing Essentials

Bonus Modules:
  1. Storytelling 101
  2. Building Reach and Reputation
  3. Make Money Writing


 -  WITHOUT breaking a sweat.
Whip up words that hit ALL the sweet spots:
  • clear
  • clever
  • classy
and ditch writing overwhelm, cold-turkey.