The Content Writing School

brilliant content rocking it onto the www.

Picture your words catching the eyes of someone who needed exactly what you're sending out.

that blinking cursor
turning into words you're proud of.

Envision you consistently showing up, writing up a storm for yourself, your business, your purpose.

to send out emails that communicate your value and set the scene for GOOD BUSINESS.

Get ready to hit send on messages that convey your brand voice AND deliver on your marketing promise.

Effortlessly write crickets-to-customers web words.

Build your story into a bestseller. Quite literally.

Feedback: Silvy Codde, Copywriter for Dutch Coaches

I have just finished rewatching the replay of the Live Session of Week 2. I spent most of yesterday afternoon watching, pauzing, writing, getting inspiration, etc.
Nicole, you've really gone above and beyond.
Content-packed, so inspiring and motivating, just like the rest of this class.

I'm getting so much out of this course, not only the content, but also the reassurance and support.
It's really heart-warming to be part of such a wonderful community.
I'm honing my writing skills, which was the big goal for me.
A big shout-out to you for overdelivering and genuinely caring about your students.

But Nicole, I have some questions:

Will this course teach me how to write my website?


I'm overwhelmed and need a step-by-step recipe. I know there's no such thing for writing. Or is there?

There IS!
You'll learn the 2 formulas to wordflow and put them into action to communicate clearly, succinctly, and with panache. 

Will the formulas work for all my web writing?

You will walk away with step-by-step guides and templates to write your website, social media, and email communications.
You'll also learn the foolproof framework for off-the-cuff copywriting.

What does "Lifetime Access" mean?

Exactly that.
As long as this course shall live, you'll have access to all the content. No exceptions.
  • Step-by-step video classes
  • Mad-Libs-style prompts
  • Plug-and-play Social Media templates
  • Writing exercises
  • Live website audit recordings
  • Resources
  • Checklists
  • Bonus items
  • NEW: Graduates receive a monthly content planner with exclusive prompts and ideas.

Feedback: Ana Winters, In-House Copywriter @ a Berlin Marketing Firm

Just WOW.
I thought I'd start lightly with the video on serving versus selling.
This will change the way I look at copy.
Just from this one video, I got more value than all of the writing courses I took over the years.
Girl, up your price, immediately!


 -  WITHOUT breaking a sweat.
Whip up words that hit ALL the sweet spots:
  • clear
  • clever
  • classy
and transform your web words into your most powerful business propeller.

Write YOUR story into a bestseller. Quite literally.